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2nd Generation Family-Owned Farm

For over five decades, MacGlaflin Farm has been dedicated to producing top-quality, nutritious milk. We believe that the treatment of our cows has a direct impact on the quality of the milk they produce. That’s why we take great care in providing them with an environment that allows them to lead happy and healthy lives. We also take pride in our sustainable practices, which help us to reduce our environmental impact and ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy our farm.



MacGlaflin Farm  has been in operation since 1971 beginning in Connecticut and moving to New Hampshire in 1996. Our family milks 450 cows as members of the Agri-Mark cooperative which produces Cabot cheese. We also raise our own calves and crop around 600 acres of owned and leased farmland.  


Ed began the farm and Jason started helping with chores at a very early age. The father son partnership have worked together for nearly all of Jason’s life. In 2015 Jason and Julie, a 4th generation dairy farmer, married and she joined the team, after having sold her small Vermont dairy farm.  The three work alongside a talented group of employees managing day to day operations.

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